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Why Games?

We grew up with a passion for video games and it didn't stop growing when we did. The games we make are an extension of our dedication to crafting the stories we enjoy playing ourselves. We hope you find as much enjoyment playing as we do making the games!

Our Story

As an indie game developer, we are striving to deliver beautiful and appealing content to everyone who visits our website. If you are interested in publishing our video games, please make sure to get in contact with us directly!

Our Games

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Dream of Leaving Early?

Play as a quiet quitting salesperson who wants to leave the office early. Avoid the managers, don't alert your co-workers, and leave before anyone else! The leaderboards will be live after the game jam.


Relic Island

In Relic Island, players dive into a richly thematic cooperative deckbuilding card game set on a lush, uncharted island. Renowned for its myths of powerful, mythical creatures, the island is a magnet for fame-seeking celebrities who dare to challenge these beasts for glory and victory. However, as they soon discover, this is no ordinary hunting ground. The island, alive with ancient magic and perilous secrets, becomes a battleground of survival, strategy, and wits. Will the allure of legend turn into a fight for survival?

What's in your mouth?

The player takes on the role of a misbehaving dog trying to clean up their mess before their owner catches them.

western shooter with kittens banner 5

Western Shooter W/ Kittens

Play as a wild west cowboy trying to save kittens from certain doom. This game was made in 12 hours as part of the Wild West Game Jam! It was fun.

Grave Mark

The player takes on the role of Mark, a skeleton looking for his body. He must build his way out of Hell and get back to life. Build your way out of Hell with crafty puzzle-building skills. Avoid traps, and watch out for the DARKNESS!

Death mark title screen
kingdoms will fall banner game

Kingdoms Will Fall

Kingdoms Will Fall places the player at the heart of the battle as they fight for their fallen kingdom to take back the resources from their enemies. Players manage resources, build their kingdom, and get their hands dirty while fending off attackers.

Crypt of the Old Gods

Play as a necromancer trying to recruit followers to help them summon an Old God to destroy the world as we know it.

crypt of the old gods banner

Player Reviews

Toby Moby

"Great game with pretty unique concept! Art is nice and consistent, sound is fitting. I had a lot of fun playing this game!"


"I really liked this game. I had fun all the way through and controlling both Bonnie and Clyde wasn't too difficult. I would have liked to be able to move Clyde a bit more, but it also added to the difficulty of the game and, of course, forced me to use Bonnie more often - which is the point of the companion. Loved it - good work!"


"I loved the style of this game: from its great music to the drawings. The team artist is really very talented, send my compliment to her. :)"


"Cool idea, the art style is consistent, and the game mechanics fit the jam's theme. Good Job!"


"Very fun context 🙂 and great use of the 1-button constraint. Congrats!"



I love this!

(playing while working)"

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